Ask A Dad: Christmas Gifts for Men (stuff he really wants but isn’t telling you about)

Our Resident MamaHive Dad (RMD) was recently asked what he really wanted for Christmas but wasn’t actually being totally upfront with his wife about. Turns out, that’s a thing. Men want things that they aren’t necessarily telling their spouses about. When this happens, they end up unwrapping ties, wallets, and crappy coffee mugs come Christmas morning. So take a hint from the RMD, skip the cheap money clips, and rush-order one of these handsome gifts instead.

1. Marathon TSAR Military Divers Quartz Watch WW194007 ($648)

Apparently this thing can withstand being run over by a firetruck. So it can probably withstand parenthood as well.

2. Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

And I quote, “For Dad, to buy whatever he wants for Mom.” There you have it.

3. Google Nexus 5 ($349)

RMD is not alone in this. Most men prefer Android phones over Apple phones. Just ask iACQUIRE.

4. Coin ($55 for pre-order)

This is like the 2013 man equivalent of Tickle Me Elmo circa 1996.

5. Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool ($58)

Man wants to feel handy? This is the one to get him there. Of all the things you ask your husband to do around the house, this is the one tool to get them done. And when he’s not home, it’s easy enough for you to use it as well.


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  1. I think for most dads this is true. Getting them any one of those items, or all of them, will hit the spot xmas morning. I just ask the mamahive mamas out there to keep in mind their honey bee. If my queen bee got me a VS gift card or a COIN I would not be excited, I would be disappointed. In general these are great gifts. just dont forget ladys that some men like the good money clips and bow ties. Happy hunting. Tell your RMD to speak up so he doesnt risk any more coffee mugs.

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